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Action intended to nullify the effects of some previous action.  Synonyms: neutralisation, neutralization.

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"Counteraction" Quotes from Famous Books

... own writings, and our own customs, are more to be blamed in this respect, than the literary compositions of ancient times. But this, of all others, ought to be least an objection with the Quakers to such an education; because, to their honour, they have a constant counteraction of the effects of such sentiments and impressions in the principles of their own constitution, and which counteraction cannot cease, while, by the bearing of their testimony, they live in ...
— A Portraiture of Quakerism, Volume III (of 3) • Thomas Clarkson

... namely, the association of our own acts of Justice and Beneficence, as cause, with other men's as effects, are subject to strong counteraction, for we can rarely perform such acts without sacrifice to ourselves. Still, there is in all men a certain surplus of motive from this cause, just as there is a surplus from the association of acts of ours, hostile to other men, with ...
— Moral Science; A Compendium of Ethics • Alexander Bain

... that variety of parts corresponding with the various descriptions of which your community was happily composed; you had all that combination and all that opposition of interests, you had that action and counteraction, which, in the natural and in the political world, from the reciprocal struggle of discordant powers draws out the harmony of the universe. These opposed and conflicting interests, which you considered as so great a blemish in your old and in our present ...
— The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. III. (of 12) • Edmund Burke

... love afar is spite at home.' Rough and graceless would be such greeting, but truth is handsomer than the affectation of love. Your goodness must have some edge to it,—else it is none. The doctrine of hatred must be preached, as the counteraction of the doctrine of love, when that pules and whines. I shun father and mother and wife and brother when my genius calls me. I would write on the lintels of the door-post, Whim. I hope it is somewhat better than whim at last, but we cannot spend ...
— Essays, First Series • Ralph Waldo Emerson

... the surrounding nations would adopt retaliatory measures, and become so many asylums for Jewish fugitives. As these nations were not only on every side of them, but in their midst, such a proclamation would have been an effectual lure to men whose condition was a constant counteraction of will. Besides the same command which protected the servant from the power of his foreign master, protected him equally from the power of an Israelite. It was not, "Thou shalt not deliver him unto his master," ...
— The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus • American Anti-Slavery Society

... that action and counteraction which, in the natural and in the political world, from the reciprocal struggle of discordant powers draws out the harmony of ...
— Familiar Quotations • John Bartlett

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