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Sweetish  adj.  Somewhat sweet.

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"Sweetish" Quotes from Famous Books

... for the poor women who were left so much alone in their low-roofed hovels, shut in by the dense prickly growth. But a thistle year was called a fat year, since the animals— cattle, horses, sheep, and even pigs—browsed freely on the huge leaves and soft sweetish-tasting stems, and were in excellent condition. The only drawbacks were that the riding-horses lost strength as they gained in fat, and cow's milk ...
— Far Away and Long Ago • W. H. Hudson

... with 10 to 16 pairs of straight, prominent ribs beneath; surface minutely downy beneath, and smooth above. Acorn ovoid, 1 in. long, covered nearly half-way with a thick, mostly tuberculated cup; in the axils of the leaves of the year; kernel sweetish and edible. A middle-sized or small tree, with reddish, coarse-grained wood. Found throughout, but common ...
— Trees of the Northern United States - Their Study, Description and Determination • Austin C. Apgar

... off a sweetish fluid of which some ants are very fond. You may often see the ants stroking these lice to induce them to give off a freer flow of the "honey dew." This is really a method of milking. However friendly and useful these "cows" may be to the ant, ...
— Agriculture for Beginners - Revised Edition • Charles William Burkett

... and such other vegetable tissue as would be likely to be found where the water-supply flows through a swamp or accumulates in hollows and depressions. This sort of water is likely to have a brownish or yellowish brown color, to have a slightly sweetish taste, and to be soft, that is, free from mineral solids. Usually such water can be used for drinking purposes without serious consequences. AEsthetically, it is objectionable because of its color, and the city of Boston has expended ...
— Rural Hygiene • Henry N. Ogden

... to the glass, when the flame suddenly vanished. She found it was not too hot to drink, touched her lips to it. The taste, sweetish, suggestive of coffee and of brandy and of burnt sugar, was agreeable. She slowly sipped it, delighting in the sensation of warmth, of comfort, of well being that speedily diffused through her. The waiter ...
— Susan Lenox: Her Fall and Rise • David Graham Phillips

... that a May bowl be composed, and we have to brew it, drink it, and—pay for it. This evening will cost us a pretty penny again. A glass of apollinaris would be far more palatable, and certainly much cheaper and appropriate at this temperature than this confounded sweetish stuff, which gives one a headache fit to split the skull ...
— A Little Garrison - A Realistic Novel of German Army Life of To-day • Fritz von der Kyrburg

... A faint sweetish odor became apparent and he reached for his gas mask. Slowly his hands drooped and Carnes grasped him and drew the mask over his face. Dr. Bird rallied slightly and feebly drew a bottle from his pocket and sniffed it. In another instant he was shouldering ...
— Astounding Stories of Super-Science, October, 1930 • Various

... one who has not visited the shores of the Mediterranean in September or early October can realize the luscious possibilities of the fig; for there seems nothing in common between the freshly-picked fruit of the south, bursting its skin with liquid sugar, and the dry sweetish woolly object which tries to ripen on the sheltered wall of an English garden and is eaten with apparent gusto by those who know not its Italian brother. Being autumn, we have missed one prominent ...
— The Naples Riviera • Herbert M. Vaughan

... "I can't quite understand the situation, I confess. To be quite frank, I don't cotton much to him. A bit sweetish, eh, what?" ...
— To Him That Hath - A Novel Of The West Of Today • Ralph Connor

... familiar herbs and roots, a red berry of a sweetish taste, which he had never observed before. He ate of it sparingly, and had not proceeded far in the wood before he found his eyes swim, and a deadly sickness came over him. For several hours he lay convulsed on ...
— The Pilgrims Of The Rhine • Edward Bulwer-Lytton

... hesitated a moment before the half-open door of the room at the back of the house. Then, in obedience to a gesture from Gershom as he pushed the door wider, she crossed the threshold, and went rapidly toward a couch in front of the window. As she went forward there floated to her a heavy, sweetish scent which seemed to her to be the very breath of despair. Her first thought was that the sun had gone under a cloud; the next instant she perceived that the window was shaded by a ragged ailantus tree ...
— One Man in His Time • Ellen Glasgow

... rose. Spaton sawdust, sweetish warmish cigarette smoke, reek of plug, spilt beer, men's beery piss, the stale ...
— Ulysses • James Joyce

... night eighteen c. The 3d, from afternoon till midnight, we went ten c. The 4th twelve c. This day I fell sick and vomited, owing to the bad water. The 5th, after seven c. we came to three wells, two of them salt and one sweetish. The 6th, having travelled ten c. we came to Nuraquimire, a pretty town, where our company from Rhadunpoor left us. We who remained were two merchants and myself with five of their servants, four of mine, ...
— A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume IX. • Robert Kerr

... they taper to a point and have serrate, or sawlike, edges. The wood is firm and durable, and is much used for cattle-yokes as well as for bedsteads and chairs. The large trees yield a great quantity of sweetish sap, which makes a pleasant drink. The trees are tapped just as the sugar-maples are, and in some parts of the country gathering this sap, which is sometimes used to make vinegar, ...
— Among the Trees at Elmridge • Ella Rodman Church

... right there it struck me at the pit of my stomach—sort of sickish, sweetish feeling—that my position needed regularising pretty bad. I ought to have been a naturalised burgher of a year's standing; but Ohio's my State, and I wouldn't have gone back on her for a desertful of Dutchmen. That and my enthoosiasm as an ...
— Traffics and Discoveries • Rudyard Kipling

... stalked separate carpels which inclose three to eight seeds arranged in two rows. The umbel-like peduncles are situated in the axils of the leaves or spring from the nodes of leafless branches. The flesh of the fruit is sweetish and aromatic. The flowers possess a most exquisite perfume, frequently compared ...
— Scientific American Supplement, No. 288 - July 9, 1881 • Various

... fattish figure in a shawl came toward him through the haggard, his wife's mother. There was the sweetish, acrid odor ...
— The Wind Bloweth • Brian Oswald Donn-Byrne

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