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Stalagmite  n.  (Geol.) A deposit more or less resembling an inverted stalactite, formed by calcareous water dropping on the floors of caverns; hence, a similar deposit of other material.

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"Stalagmite" Quotes from Famous Books

... feet above the water as it stood then. The rock about this position consisted of limestone apparently similar to that seen on its banks higher up. (See August 15.) It possessed a stalactitic aspect by the infiltration of calcareous matter and in crevices below I found a reddish stalagmite containing grains of sand. Large petrified oyster shells lay loosely about the bank above these cliffs. No natives had approached the depot during our absence and we had indeed reason to believe that the adjacent country contained but ...
— Three Expeditions into the Interior of Eastern Australia, Vol 2 (of 2) • Thomas Mitchell

... his arms, and accompanied by a single tourist, a sedate man who was a stranger to the region. They proceeded along the short route to the chapel. Adjusting the torches, Stephen gave a low whistle, when from behind a mammoth stalagmite came forth a young man and a fair maiden, who took their stand ...
— Idle Hour Stories • Eugenia Dunlap Potts

... — N. lining, inner coating; coating &c (covering) 223; stalactite, stalagmite. filling, stuffing, wadding, padding. wainscot, parietes [Lat.], wall. V. line, stuff, incrust, wad, pad, fill. Adj. lined ...
— Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases: Body • Roget

... senmova. Stagnation senmoveco. Staid deca, kvieta. Stain makuli. Stain makulo. Stair sxtupo. Staircase (stairs) sxtuparo. Stake paliso, fosto. Stake (wager) veto. Stalactite stalaktito. Stalagmite stalagmito. Stale malfresxa. Stalk (plant) trunketo. Stall (at market, etc.) budo. Stall (for beast) stalo. Stallion cxevalviro. Stamen (bot.) paliseto. Stamin stamino. Stammer balbuti. Stamp (to mark) stampi. Stamp (brand) stampajxo. Stamp, postage ...
— English-Esperanto Dictionary • John Charles O'Connor and Charles Frederic Hayes

... which, faithful in death to the ruling law of their lives, still pointed, like the others, to the free air and the light. And then, in the deeper recesses of the cave, where the floor becomes covered with uneven sheets of stalagmite, and where long spear-like icicles and drapery-like foldings, pure as the marble of the sculptor, descend from above, or hang pendent over the sides, we found in abundance magnificent specimens for Sir George. The entire expedition was one of wondrous interest; ...
— My Schools and Schoolmasters - or The Story of my Education. • Hugh Miller

... spirit. espirituoso spirituous. esplendoroso splendid. esposa wife, handcuff. espuma foam, froth. esquilador m. sheep-shearer. estado state. estafar to deceive, defraud. estalagmita stalagmite. estancia dwelling, room. estandarte m. standard, banner. estanquero tobacconist. estar to be. estatua statue. este m. esta f. esto n. this; en esto at this moment. estercolar to manure. estiercol m. manure, fertilizer. estilo style. estio ...
— Novelas Cortas • Pedro Antonio de Alarcon

... no occasion for so loud a cry; the words had hardly passed his lips when a hand holding a candle suddenly appeared against the wall in front, and upon stepping to it, he found that the sheet of stalagmite there, instead of touching the wall, was a foot away, leaving room for any one to creep up a steep slope for thirty or forty feet, and continue the way through a long crevice, whose sides looked as if they might have separated only a ...
— The Black Tor - A Tale of the Reign of James the First • George Manville Fenn

... dripping to the floor, where it speedily evaporates. When such is the case it leaves behind it the limestone it held in solution. So, in process of time, if the deposition is undisturbed, there will be formed over the floor of the cave a more or less continuous layer of limestone matter known as stalagmite. The same formations on the top and sides of the cave are called stalactites. In places where the drip is continuous the stalactite gradually assumes the shape of an immense icicle; while the stalagmite on the floor of the cave, underneath the ...
— The Prehistoric World - Vanished Races • E. A. Allen

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