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Sizing  n.  
The act of sorting with respect to size.
The act of bringing anything to a certain size.
(Univ. of Cambridge, Eng.) Food and drink ordered from the buttery by a student.

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"Sizing" Quotes from Famous Books

... maybe it's jest as well," the foreman said. "It's one skunk less in a country that's got more than its share. That's a good horse," he went on, sizing up Len's mount. ...
— Cowboy Dave • Frank V. Webster

... looked at Thad, sizing him up from the crown of his head to his toes, after which he thrust out his hand and ...
— The House Boat Boys • St. George Rathborne

... this day we walked out to the edge of the wood we were in and stood there sizing up the near-by village. It was about seven o'clock and wanted about an hour to darkness and our usual time for hitting the trail. Without any warning, a burly farmer confronted us. He was as badly startled as we were. Our remnants of painted uniforms and ...
— The Escape of a Princess Pat • George Pearson

... see, Max," began Steve in his usual impetuous way, "Toby here thought he saw a hungry cat sizing us up, being in want of a dinner; and so we got ready to give him a ...
— In Camp on the Big Sunflower • Lawrence J. Leslie

... I claim the adjustable sizing and shaping-jaws employed, substantially as specified, in the manufacture of glass lamp ...
— Scientific American, Vol. 17, No. 26 December 28, 1867 • Various

... doesn't have to be intellectually correct in order to be great," intruded a quiet, long-faced Irishman, whose sleeves were threadbare and frayed. "And by the same token many men who are most correct in sizing up the ...
— The Little Lady of the Big House • Jack London

... that, that old girl. She's the only one I never do get close to. Soured old maid, I guess. Looks at you a lot, but doesn't say much, like she was sizing you up. That nose of hers certainly does stand out like a peak or something. You wouldn't think it, either, but she reads poetry—mushiest kind—awful stuff. Say, I looked into a book of hers one day over at the Old Place—Something-or-Other Love Lyrics was ...
— The Wrong Twin • Harry Leon Wilson

... York is paved, and lighted with electric lights, and quite as civilized as Copenhagen. They will have it that it is in the wilds. I saw none of the signs of this, but I encountered a friendly policeman, who, sizing me and my pistol up, tapped it gently with his club and advised me to leave it home, or I might get robbed of it. This, at first blush, seemed to confirm my apprehensions; but he was a very nice policeman, and took time to explain, seeing ...
— Stories of Achievement, Volume IV (of 6) - Authors and Journalists • Various

... paints because they dried quicker. The painted area, intended for the feathers, is called the shaftment and not only helps in finding lost arrows, but identifies the owner. This entire portion he usually smeared with thin glue or sizing. ...
— Hunting with the Bow and Arrow • Saxton Pope

... actual horse power will drive 305 hand mule spindles, with proportion of preparing machinery for the same; or 230 self-acting mule spindles with preparation; or 104 throstle spindles with preparation; or 10-1/2 power looms with common sizing. The throstles referred to are the common throstles spinning 34's twist for power loom weaving, and the spindles make 4000 turns per minute. The self-acting mules are Robert's, about one half spinning 36's weft, and spindles revolving ...
— A Catechism of the Steam Engine • John Bourne

... in well drained, fertile soil and a bluegrass sod. Small amounts of nitrate fertilizer, about the same quantity used on fruit trees, have stimulated growth and no doubt have helped in the sizing up of the nuts. The tree does not do well under cultivation or mulching, as winter injury to the tree has been recorded when compared to bluegrass sod. There is also a possibility that the tree will respond to applications ...
— Northern Nut Growers Association Report of the Proceedings at the 41st Annual Meeting • Various

... sand-papered; then go over it with linseed oil, coloured with murat amber and red lead. It is better to have this colour rather light, and renew the application; when this has sufficiently dried, go over the surface with a strong sizing of transparent glue, and then use two castors of copal varnish. Any good grained pine will bear a very close resemblance to walnut, and the surface ...
— Young's Demonstrative Translation of Scientific Secrets • Daniel Young

... a lot of labels, and some boxes too. The labels was all different sizes, but barring that they all looked about the same to me. Whilst I was sizing them up he asts me agin was they any corn ...
— Danny's Own Story • Don Marquis

... "Huh, sizing me up, are they?" Warble sniffed. "Looking at me through the footle, distorted little microscope of their own silly scrubby little souls! Pooh, they couldn't, one of them, make ...
— Ptomaine Street • Carolyn Wells

... four ounces of tube-yellow; eight ounces of 'kuang' flower; four boxes of lead powder; ten sheets of rouge; two hundred sheets of thin red-gold leaves; two hundred sheets of lead; four ounces of smooth glue, from the two Kuang; and four ounces of pure alum. The glue and alum for sizing the lustring are not included, so don't bother yourselves about them, but just take the lustring and give it to them outside to size it with alum for you. You and I can scour and clarify all these pigments, and thus amuse ourselves, and prepare ...
— Hung Lou Meng, Book II • Cao Xueqin

... goin'," was the slow reply. "Sizing him up one side and down the other when he called me back to pull my ear, I said, 'No, my young bronco-buster; you're a bluffer—the kind that'll put up both hands right quick when the bluff is called.' Afterward, I ...
— The Taming of Red Butte Western • Francis Lynde

... giant he crashed to the floor. With them went the table and lamp. There was a vivid splutter of flame and the cabin was in darkness, except where the moon-light flooded through the one window. Challoner had looked for something different. He had expected Durant to threaten before he acted, and, sizing up the two of them, he had decided to reach the edge of his bunk during the discussion. Under the pillow was his revolver. It was too late now. Durant was on him, fumbling in the darkness for his throat, and as he flung one arm upward ...
— Nomads of the North - A Story of Romance and Adventure under the Open Stars • James Oliver Curwood

... Redding's boat yard," suggested Merritt; "she's lying there on the ways. I don't suppose any one would object to our sizing her up." ...
— The Boy Scouts of the Eagle Patrol • Howard Payson

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