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Runway   Listen
Runway  n.  
The channel of a stream.
The beaten path made by deer or other animals in passing to and from their feeding grounds.

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"Runway" Quotes from Famous Books

... next morning the majestic Sky Queen was hoisted from its underground hangar berth and hauled by tractor to its special runway. This mammoth, atomic-powered airplane had been Tom's first major invention. A three-deck craft, it was equipped with complete laboratory facilities for research in any corner of the globe. Jet lifters in the ...
— Tom Swift and the Electronic Hydrolung • Victor Appleton

... "That's the runway, and that's the Trophy House," says he to me, "and that over there is the hospital, where you have to go if you get distemper, and the vet. gives ...
— Ranson's Folly • Richard Harding Davis

... Foreign Object Damage, e.g., what happens when a jet engine sucks up a rock on the runway or a bird in flight. Finger of Death is a distressingly apt description of what this generally does ...
— The Jargon File, Version 4.0.0

... the secret way, ascending a spiral runway to the apartment in which the Princess of ...
— Thuvia, Maid of Mars • Edgar Rice Burroughs

... gives the total number of airports. The runway(s) may be paved (concrete or asphalt surfaces) or unpaved (grass, dirt, sand, or gravel surfaces), but must be usable. Not all airports have facilities for refueling, maintenance, or air ...
— The 1997 CIA World Factbook • United States. Central Intelligence Agency.

... stopped a moment to examine the footprints of an otter at a shallow, shelving place along the bank, where, opening through the skunk-cabbage and Indian turnip, and covered almost ankle-deep with water, was the creature's runway. ...
— Roof and Meadow • Dallas Lore Sharp

... lay in a steel frame on a runway, just ready to slide forward into the big expulsion tube that was the salient feature of the forward compartment. Caradoc walked quickly to the nose of the terrific missile. He looked at his friend and said in a strange voice: "Madden, I'm going to wipe this ...
— The Cruise of the Dry Dock • T. S. Stribling

... was served. At the bottom of our cage door was a small opening like the entrance of a runway in a chicken-yard. Through this were thrust two hunks of dry bread and two pannikins of "soup." A portion of soup consisted of about a quart of hot water with floating on its surface a lonely drop of grease. Also, there was some ...
— The Road • Jack London

... by a doctor and a priest. The face was muffled so that the idlers could not make it out; and when they inquired, they received no answer from the carriers, who pursued their course impassively down the runway to the water's edge and up the gang-plank to the deck. When the boat had gone, and the last faint cough of its towering stacks had died away, Father Barnum turned ...
— The Barrier • Rex Beach

... out the lamp. In a very few days after we place the chicks in a brooder they should be allowed to go in and out at will. In a week or two we shall be able to teach them the way in, and then by lowering the platform to the ground for a runway we can permit them to run on the ground in an enclosed runway. On rainy days we must ...
— Outdoor Sports and Games • Claude H. Miller

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