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Pervious  adj.  
Admitting passage; capable of being penetrated by another body or substance; permeable; as, a pervious soil. "(Doors)... pervious to winds, and open every way."
Capable of being penetrated, or seen through, by physical or mental vision. (R.) "God, whose secrets are pervious to no eye."
Capable of penetrating or pervading. (Obs.)
(Zool.) Open; used synonymously with perforate, as applied to the nostrils or birds.

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"Pervious" Quotes from Famous Books

... the slightest reason to doubt that worms have acted in this manner ever since the period when the concrete was sufficiently decayed to allow them to penetrate it; and even before that period they would have lived beneath the floor, as soon as it became pervious to rain, so that the soil beneath was kept damp. The floor and the walls must therefore have been continually undermined; and fine earth must have been heaped on them during many centuries, perhaps for a thousand years. If the burrows ...
— The Formation of Vegetable Mould through the action of worms with • Charles Darwin

... Lamai's father and mother and a spawn of four younger brothers and sisters. A thatched roof that leaked in every heavy shower leaned to a wabbly ridge-pole over the floor. The walls were even more pervious to a driving rain. In fact, the house of Lamai, who was the father of Lumai, was the most miserable house ...
— Jerry of the Islands • Jack London

... damage that winter; and buckets were set on the floor of the upper room of the school to catch the rain, which not only fell directly through the shot holes, but found its way, owing to the generally pervious state of the roof, through many of the canvases of Tintoret's in other ...
— The Crown of Wild Olive • John Ruskin

... the fermented bean is easily oxidised. The above affords a partial explanation, and seems fairly satisfactory when taken with my previous suggestion, namely, that during fermentation the bean is rendered pervious to water, which, on distributing itself throughout the bean, dissolves the isolated masses of tannin and diffuses it evenly, so that it encounters and becomes mixed with the enzymes. From this it will be ...
— Cocoa and Chocolate - Their History from Plantation to Consumer • Arthur W. Knapp

... virgin arms; A sceptred lord, who o'er the fruitful plain Of Thessaly wide stretched his ample reign:) As Pallas will'd, along the sable skies, To calm the queen, the phantom sister flies. Swift on the regal dome, descending right, The bolted valves are pervious to her flight. Close to her head the pleasing vision stands, And ...
— The Odyssey of Homer • Homer, translated by Alexander Pope

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