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motor cycle, motorcycle  n.  A two-wheeled vehicle having a motor attached so as to be self-propelled. In common usage, a motorcycle is of heavier construction with larger wheels, a more powerful motor, and a higher maximum speed than a motorbike. Note: A motorcycle may have a small appended compartment called a sidecar, supported by a third wheel, which can carry a passenger. Note: In Great Britain as of 1913 the term motor cycle was treated by statute () as limited to motor cars (self-propelled vehicles) designed to travel on not more than three wheels, and weighing unladen (that is, without water, fuel, or accumulators necessary for propulsion) not more than three hundred weight (336 lbs.).

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"Motor cycle" Quotes from Famous Books

... you don't fall out of that motor cycle side car on the way back," Yancey retorted. "They look like ...
— Aces Up • Covington Clarke

... told the Dancys—she was in bed. And I got through to Newmarket, Charles, and Inspector Dede is coming like the wind on a motor cycle. ...
— Forsyte Saga • John Galsworthy

... the first book, "Tom Swift and His Motor Cycle," the hero seemed born an inventive genius. It was this inventive faculty which enabled him to take the motor cycle that tried to climb a tree with Mr. Wakefield Damon on it and make the wreck into a serviceable bit of mechanism. Thus Tom became acquainted ...
— Tom Swift and his Undersea Search - or, The Treasure on the Floor of the Atlantic • Victor Appleton

... has no tail and looks like a pig—when things are going well with it. This particular specimen, when I saw him, looked more like part of a doormat. The fox-terrier had seized it by the scruff of the neck and had rolled it over into the gutter just in front of a motor cycle. Its owner, a large lady, had darted out to save it, and had collided with the motor cyclist. The large lady had been thrown some half a dozen yards against an Italian boy carrying a tray load of ...
— Idle Ideas in 1905 • Jerome K. Jerome

... been over into Belgium to-day: crossed the frontier on my motor bike; the roads are terrible, all this beastly "pave" cobblestones; awful stuff to ride over on a motor cycle. Shell holes on both sides of the road, and I saw three graves in the corner of a hop garden. All along the road there were dozens and dozens of old London motor buses, taking men to the trenches. They still have the advertisements on them and are driven by the bus-drivers ...
— "Crumps", The Plain Story of a Canadian Who Went • Louis Keene

... his own cab. As he did so a man on a motorcycle drew up on the opposite side and peered through the window. The driver had started his motor as the newcomer approached. From her cab the girl saw the Lizard and the man on the motorcycle look into each other's face for a moment, ...
— The Efficiency Expert • Edgar Rice Burroughs

... Jack, "you've seen him duck often enough to know the signs. Suppose it was Ward, then the rest of the bunch must have been only a little way behind. He's got a motorcycle, you know, and would be apt to pace them. But what became ...
— The Banner Boy Scouts on a Tour - The Mystery of Rattlesnake Mountain • George A. Warren

... had written to his sister? Must he vagabond forth again with the morning into a world of bucolic dawns, alarm-clock farmers, roosters, corncribs and mules? By the powers of wildfire, no! He would buy a motorcycle. On tires or toes he could wind Brian around his finger and ...
— Kenny • Leona Dalrymple

... on a motorcycle and the tracks discovered were those of my husband's machine. They found a handkerchief with my husband's initials; and the revolver which was used belonged to him. Lastly, one of our neighbours maintains that he saw my husband go out on his bicycle ...
— The Eight Strokes of the Clock • Maurice Leblanc

... by Uhlans and motorcycle scouts, the van of the German army arrived at Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, on August 20. The seat of government had been removed three days before to Antwerp. The French and Russian ministers also moved to Antwerp, leaving ...
— America's War for Humanity • Thomas Herbert Russell

... be glad when we can make a trial trip," went on Tom. "I've traveled pretty fast on land with my motorcycle, and we certainly have hummed through the air. Now I want to see how it feels ...
— Tom Swift and his Submarine Boat - or, Under the Ocean for Sunken Treasure • Victor Appleton

... on the lights and saw that it was ten o'clock. Simultaneously he recalled that he was to have had dinner with his fiancee at her home, their first dinner since their engagement. Cursing himself for an idiot he hastily left the building, and soon his motorcycle was tearing up Connecticut ...
— The Skylark of Space • Edward Elmer Smith and Lee Hawkins Garby

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