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Motion picture  n.  
A series of pictures on a strip of film, taken at regular intervals in rapid succession (now usually 24 frames per second for ordinary work) by a special camera, intended to capture the image of objects in motion.
The display of the images captured on a motion picture (1), presented to the eye in very rapid succession by projection from a special apparatus (a movie projector), with shows some or all of the objects in the picture represented in changing positions, producing, by persistence of vision, the optical effect of a continuous picture in which the objects appear to move as they did in the original scene.
Synonyms: movie, moving picture, flick.
The conceptual or informational content of a motion picture (1); the actions or events represented in a motion picture (1); the story line of a movie. "One of the great punch lines in motion picture history is 'Round up the usual suspects.' from 'Casablanca'."

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"Motion picture" Quotes from Famous Books

... The girls spend their summer in the Redwoods of California and incidentally find a way to induce a famous motion picture director in Hollywood to offer to produce a film that stars the Girl ...
— A Little Miss Nobody - Or, With the Girls of Pinewood Hall • Amy Bell Marlowe

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