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Impregnate  adj.  Impregnated; made prolific. "The scorching ray Here pierceth not, impregnate with disease."

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"Impregnate" Quotes from Famous Books

... he was yet only a Congregationalist generally, and before he had become a Baptist. Though he found them among the Baptists, therefore, he may be said to have recovered them for Independency at large, and to have been the first to impregnate modern "Independency" with them through and through. Nay, as he had himself gone out of the camp of the mere Baptist Congregationalists when he published his treatise,—as he had begun to question whether there was any true Visible Church ...
— The Life of John Milton Vol. 3 1643-1649 • David Masson

... forgotten that Greeks and Romans alike lived by slavery (which is robbery), by rapine, and by plunder; yet we, born into a Christian community which lives by honest labor, propose to impregnate the impressionable minds of youth with the morals and ...
— The Philosophy of Teaching - The Teacher, The Pupil, The School • Nathaniel Sands

... is interesting to see how nearly Butler was led by natural penetration, and from absolutely opposite conclusions, back to this underlying truth: "So that each ovum when impregnate should be considered not as descended from its ancestors, but as being a continuation of the personality of every ovum in the chain of its ancestry, which every ovum it actually is quite as truly as the octogenarian is the same identity with the ovum from ...
— Evolution in Modern Thought • Ernst Haeckel

... sacred soil His sandals pressed! Sweet fountains of His noonday rest! O light and air of Palestine, Impregnate ...
— The Complete Works of Whittier - The Standard Library Edition with a linked Index • John Greenleaf Whittier

... feed upon them. And the same was well observ'd by the Editor of our famous Roger Bacon's Treatise concerning the Cure of Old Age, and Preservation of Youth: There being nothing so proper for Sallet Herbs and other Edule Plants, as the Genial and Natural Mould, impregnate, and enrich'd with well-digested Compost (when requisite) without any Mixture of Garbage, odious Carrion, and other filthy Ordure, not half consum'd and ventilated and indeed reduc'd to the next Disposition ...
— Acetaria: A Discourse of Sallets • John Evelyn

... dwelling on their condition developed a sensitiveness which registered oppression where none had been felt before. What a profound influence had those liberty-pole festivals so assiduously promoted by men like Samuel Adams and Alexander MacDougall: "for they tinge the minds of the people; they impregnate them with the sentiments of liberty; they render the people fond of their leaders in the cause, and averse and bitter against all opposers." In August, 1769, John Adams dined with three hundred and ...
— Beginnings of the American People • Carl Lotus Becker

... the air was thrill'd with sunrise, Birds made music of her name, And the god-impregnate water Claspt her image ere ...
— The Shaving of Shagpat • George Meredith

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