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american feverfew
american flag
american flagfish
american fly honeysuckle
american flying squirrel
american football
american football game
american foxhound
american frogbit
american gallinule
american gentian
american germander
american ginseng
american gray birch
american green toad
american grey birch
american hackberry
american harvest mouse
american hazel
american hellebore
american holly
american hop
american hornbeam
american indian
american indian day
american indian language
american ivy
american kestrel
american labor party
american lady crab
american language
american larch
american laurel
american legion
american leishmaniasis
american licorice
american lime
american liquorice
american lobster
american lotus
american magpie
american maidenhair fern
american marten
american mastodon
american mastodont
american merganser
american mink
american mistletoe
american mountain ash
american oil palm
american olive
american organ
american oriole
american parasol
american parsley fern
american party
american pasqueflower
american pennyroyal
american persimmon
american pit bull terrier
american plaice
american plan
american plane
american pulsatilla
american quaking aspen
american raspberry
american rattlebox
american red elder
american red plum
american red squirrel
american redstart
american revised version
american revolution
american revolutionary leader
american revolutionary war
american robin
american rock brake
american sable
american saddle horse
american samoa
american shrew mole
american sign language
american smelt
american smokewood
american smooth dogfish
american spicebush
american spikenard
american staffordshire terrier
american standard code for information interchange
american standard version
american star grass
american state
american stock exchange
american sweet chestnut
american sweet gum